Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Demystifying Inday Badiday’s Line Out

I want to be an egoist and say that I’ve lived during the time Eye to Eye was on air almost every evening of the day. Lourdes Jimenez Carvajal aka Inday Badiday has an infectious show theme song. FINE, I’ll be honest. It’s more of an over assumption that I hear her show every day, but when I hear the infectious show theme song “eeeeeeye-to-eeeeeeye” I know that she’s going to start yapping about the latest happenings in showbiz. This happened when I was too young to care about show biz, not to mention that I’m clueless about what the entire biz is. To our younger readers, this might be a ploy to make you believe that everything worth living for happened when you’re not yet born, no don’t believe that—I wasn’t born at the era of the Beatles too so that makes us even but anyway~

Inday Badiday died on September 26, 2003 but only a few people know how she lived. I know how she did though, talking about the interesting showbiz issues for 30 minutes every day her show was on air, at least on those days that I’m actually paying attention around the proximity of the television set. Back then it’s a big brown box with wooden window door plates. You part the door plate windows left and right like a curtain to reveal a tube that has moving pictures inside. There’s no other word to describe that part of my childhood than that.

Lourdes imparted a lot of things that makes her culturally significant, back then, there were no Korean-Novellas on TV and yet she says “Saranghambida, Bo” every time her show cues out. Thanks to the very talented and multilingual Faith Yongco who heard one of my random blasts-from-the-pasts-blurts in my cubicle at the office, we found conclusion to the flabbergasting catchphrase that plagued everyone for the longest time. It’s literal meaning was “I love you, Bo” with “Bo” being the nickname of her second spouse. It’s rather interesting that there’s actually a lot of backstory attached to the catchphrase and not just the catchphrase itself. According to Faith Yongco, the normal typical usage of that phrase now is “Saranghe” (sic?) and “Saranghambida” is quite the formal old-school way of saying it. I wouldn’t wonder though, Eye-to-Eye was pretty old school like LITERALLY.

Seeing that this post will be another trip down the memory lane—a lane that we can’t cover in a tiny 500 word self-imposed discipline post, let’s close this with a Happy Birthday to my lovely spouse.
Happy Birthday Ju, and since we’ve been lisinging—yeah I coined the word, brilliant eh?—to 1990’s black-boy-band songs in the pick-up on the way home last week, I’ll #nowplaying this for you.

#nowplaying I'll Make Love To You – Boyz II Men

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